About Stesha Wellness

In addittion to our original activities, heating and plumbing (www.prinzie-sanitair.be), we started a few years ago with a wide range of wellness articles, selling and/or installing them both indoor and outdoor. 

Over the years, people have come to live a lifestyle where stress and fuss are unimaginable. It is necessary to ensure daily relaxation. Wellness helps us keep our body and mind healthy and young. It is the ideal remedy for unwinding. 

On this site, you can find out more about our products and the necessary explanations. 

We have put together a range from all the wellness products on the market, where high quality comes first. After all, we want to guarantee you a good after-sales service every time. 

We are ready for both professional and the private market. By professional market, we mean hotels, wellness centres, institutions, etc. 

Our team guarantees smooth cooperation and fast realisation. Good communication between Stesha Wellness and its clients, whereby a good choice is a priority, has ensured that we have grown into a successful business. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Stesha wellness

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