ABS connection piece

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ABS connection piece

Help, my clutches don't fit together
Imagine, you just bought a new, better heat pump, but the coupling of the heat pump doesn't fit on the current pool couplings. Does that mean you need to buy a new pool or another heat pump? No! With the help of an ABS coupling, the problem is solved in no time. With ABS hose couplings you can connect flexibles from filter pumps, sand filters and heaters to each other. 
You can choose two flexibles of the same diameter or with the ABS hose grommets you can also connect flexibles with different diameters. 

Fixing the ABS hose couplings
There are two ways to attach the hose couplings. Either you screw the ABS hose couplings together, which you can do if the ABS piece has a screw coupling. or you can join the two flexibles together using PVC glue. The PVC that is suitable for joining the ABS couplings can, ofcourse, also be found at Stesha Wellness online or in our collection point in Houthulst.