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Infrared accessories are indispensable and give just that little extra
To get the most out of your infrared unit, there are a number of accessories that are essential. Think of an ergonomic backrest, glasses rack, coat rack, the complete infrared routing, etc ... All these accessories are made of durable materials. The backrests are made from the same types of wood used to make the infrared cabin benches. If you want the back support to match the benches perfectly, it may be best to choose the same type of wood.

HaLu backrests
Sitting in the sauna is often not very comfortable. HaLu has therefore developed two types of backrests for comfortable use in the infrared. They can be used in the infrared cabin or in the Finnish sauna. The basis of the backrest is to support your back and head without feeling any pressure points. The backrest is ergonomically designed and moulds itself to anyone's back, so that it gives you an ultimate relaxed body position in the regular sauna or the infrared cabin.

The small backrest, just for your back, and the large backrest with headrest are both available in aspen and red cedar. The wooden HaLu backrests are the ultimate backrests for use in the sauna. According to many people, HaLu wooden backrests are the most comfortable backrests in the world.

Quick and easy online
If you want to order infrared accessories online, you can do so easily in our online shop. Currently, you are only a few steps away from having the desired item delivered to your home. If you prefer to go shopping, you can do so at our pick-up point in Houthulst. At our pick-up point, you can stroll through our wide range of Wellness articles.