Air mattresses

Air mattresses

Easy to take on the road
Intex inflatable cushions are easy to take with you when you travel by car, bus, plane, etc. The cushions do not take up much room. The cushions do not take up a lot of room, so to use them you have to inflate the travel pillow and when you do not need the Intex pillow anymore you have to let the air out and store it.

For large and small
Intex travel pillows are available for everyone, adults and children.
Children can choose from green frogs or orange cats for their neck pillows, or different playful colours for a regular pillow. Adults can also choose an Intex neck pillow and a pillow to make sitting in the car a little easier. Use the Intex lumbar pillow and make the car journey much more enjoyable.

Always room for everyone
The first thing to buy is a seat, but how big should it be? By adding a folding seat to the lounge, if people or children are coming, there will always be enough comfortable seating for everyone. There are various seats available, such as children’s seats, a standard seat, seat with footstool or a pull-over seat. So there are several choices and you will certainly find what you are looking for!

Easy and safe
The Intex travel cot is very easy to take with you when you travel or stay with friends or family. The inflatable travel cot inflates in no time and the raised sides prevent your little one from falling out.
The inflatable travel cot is a quick and easy solution for your child’s sleep. An unmissable item for those who like to travel!

Inflating pumps
To inflate the travel cot you can use an inflating pump, which is also available in our shop. There is a choice of manual or electric pumps. You can choose what you find easiest.

Large range of air mattresses
At Stesha Wellness, we have a wide range of air mattresses online in our webshop and in our shop in Houthulst.
You have the choice between air mattresses for children and for adults, one-person or two-person, with or without a built-in head support, different colours and different thicknesses.
So you are sure to find an air mattress that is perfect for you.