Standard air mattress

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Standard air mattress

Wake up calm on the green air mattress
It has been scientifically proven that you become calmer by surrounding yourself with a green environment. By waking up on a green bed, you wake up calm. The prestige airbeds are green.

Inflatable pump included
A quick-fill air pump is included with the prestige inflatable airbeds. The air pump included in the package inflates the airbed within 2.5 minutes. Because the air pump is included in the mattress, there is no need for an additional air pump. 

Wide range of air mattresses
If you are looking for an air mattress, Stesha Wellness is the right address. In our large range, you will certainly find what you need for any purpose. 
An air mattress for camping, an air mattress to keep forever, an air mattress if you have a guest over, a raised air mattress, an air mattress with built-in pump, ... there is something for everyone! 

You can order the air mattresses online or you can drop by at our pick-up point in Houthulst.