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Easy to take on the road
Intex inflatable cushions are easy to take with you when you travel by car, bus or plane. The cushions do not take up much space. To use them, you have to inflate the travel pillow. When you no longer need the intex pillow, you must let the air out and store it. The pillow does not take up much room when you let the inflated air out. 

For large and small
Intex travel pillows are available for both adults and children. 
The children's neck pillows are available in green frogs and orange cats. For a regular pillow, you can choose from different, playful colours. 
For adults, there is also an Intex neck pillow and a pillow to make sitting in the care a little easier. Use the Intex lumbar cushion and make the car journey much more enjoyable! 

The pillows are available online or in our shop in Houthulst.