Kids sofa

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Junior fun chairs 66 cm x 42 cm

Fun design inflatable chair for children, available in 3 beautiful colours, green, pink or blue.The ..

€4.35 Ex Tax: €3.60

Seat Hello Kitty

Comfortable for kids and easily to move, the Hello Kitty chair inflates quickly and easily. Maximum ..

€6.45 Ex Tax: €5.33

Kids sofa

Give your child his or her own seat!
Mom and dad are sitting together in the big couch and the little slob would like to join them or would rather sit in his own couch? With an inflatable seat, an extra seat in teh living room is quickly installed. The inflatable seats are also easy to clean and come in different models and colors!
You can use the inflatable seat in the living room, in the garden or take it with you when you go on a sleep-over!

Children's outdoor or indoor seating
You can use Intex inflatable children's chairs both outdoors and indoors. There are lots of varieties in the children's sofa range, so your child can choose from a wide selection! 
You can choose the seats together at home or you can visit our store in Houthulst.