Standard seat

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Mode couch coloured 99 cm x 84 cm x 76 cm

Modern and cool is our Mode seat, a fun way to transform your residence into a stylish and chic plac..

€9.40 Ex Tax: €7.77

Beanless Bag couch 114 cm x 114 cm x 71 cm

This comfortable Beanless Bag seat has a neutral grey colour combined with a soft textured surface.I..

€25.50 Ex Tax: €21.07

Empire chair luxe chair 112 cm x 109 cm x 69 cm

Modern, sophisticated and endlessly comfortable describes this popular range of Empire Chair luxury ..

€32.80 Ex Tax: €27.11

Airbag air bed

This air mattress or air bed is made of PVC on the inside and a nylon cover on the outside.With this..

€57.50 €46.00 Ex Tax: €38.02

Standard seat

Bring colour to the room
With the wide range of inflatable seats from Intex, you can add colour to your living room. The inflatable seats are easy to put up and put away again. This means you can easily change the colour accent in your living room.
Choose online from home or visit our shop in Houthulst.

Always room for everyone
In the beginning you buy a seat, but how big should it be. By adding an inflatable seat to the lounge, when children or visitors come, there will always be enough, comfortable seating for everyone.
There are various seats available, such as children’s seats, a standard seat or an extendable seat.
So there are several choices and you are sure to find what you are looking for!