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Safety Turtle alarm version 2.0

The Safety Turtle 2.0 consists of one main station that operates on multiple wristbands, which can b..

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Safety Turtle wristband version 2.0

There are two types of Safety Alarm wristbands because there are no false alarms, there are green an..

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Pool alarm for pets and children
The Safety Turtle is an investment that is well worth it! It's fun for both parents and child as it provides safety and for your child it's a fun gadget to wear. The Saftey Turtle is the most effective and simple way to ensure the safety of your children and pets. Attach the Safety Turtle bracelet around your child's wrist or to your beloved pet's collar. When the bracelet goes underwater, a loud alarm sounds. 
So you can enjoy the garden carefree while the children play in the pool. 

Why choose the Safety Turtle?
When you purchase the Safety Turtle, you have everything you need.
You can, if necessary, connect multiple wristbands to one main station. So brother and sister can both wear wristbands when playing in the garden. 
Even if your neighbour already has a Safety Turtle alarm, you can use the Safety Turtle but in a different colour. In fact, there are two available colors: blue and green.

When will you hear the Safety Turtle alarm?
If the turtle is immersed in water, the alarm sounds. If rain or water from lawn sprinklers comes into contact with the turtle wristband, the alarm will not sound.
Test Mode allows you to measure the water sensitivity of the Safety Turtle, so you can also become familiar with the alarm volume and, if necessary, adjust the alarm volume of the turtle.