American Whirlpool spa

American Whirlpool spa

L.A. spa to suit every need
L.A. Spas are designed for your lifestyle. The latest technology is integrated into every L.A. Spa hot tub to ensure you have the experience you're looking for. 
Are you the adventurer who wants to dive into the world of hydrotherapy, the driven, hard-working person who wants to escape or do you just want to enjoy the company of others; L.A. Spas are built to meet everyone's needs. 

What does a spa offer your body?
 Relaxes your body
* Stimulates the blood circulation
* A good blood circulation ensures that your skin cells renew themselves more quickly, making your skin look healthier. 
* In tha spa you can relax and clear your head, giving you the feeling of being fresher and more alert.
* A spa relievs the joints. That's why doctors often recommend a spa for patients with muscle and joint pains. 

The quality of a spa is determined by 3 factors.

  • The better the density of the insulation, the less heat loss and lower consumption.
  • The filter capacity for easy and better water maintenance.
  • The finish, variation in massage jets and options.

Spa, jacuzzi, whirlpool, bubble bath...
Spa, jacuzzi, whirlpool, hottub, bubble bath... these names are used interchangeably, but in fact all mean the same thing: A warm water immersion. 
The name 'Jacuzzi' is the most well-known in popular speech, but do you actually know where it comes from? The American Candido Jacuzzi created a hot water bath with massage jets to relive the pain of his rheumatic son, which is why the word jacuzzi became known worldwide.