Aroma aerosol

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Aroma aerosol

Spread the delicious scent with an aroma evaporator
An aroma vaporiser is an ideal tool for spreading the delicious scents of essential oils. You always fill the evaporator with water, to which you can then add a few drops of essential oil. An aroma vaporiser can be used anywhere. Wheter in a sauna, infra-red room, rest room,... Or just at home in the living room or bedroom. Choose an essential fragrance that you find delicious and enjoy, wherever you want, the atmosphere that it creates. Each essential oil also has its own effect on the body. Lavender or Provencal scents tend to have a calming effect, while citrus scents tend to give a cheerful, happy feeling. If you often have problems with the airways, eucalyptus might be something for you.
At Stesha Wellness, you can find various aroma vaporisers. For example, we have an aroma pot vaporiser. This is only used in the infrared. We also have a Bel-Air herbal vaporiser and, of course the aromavaporiser. The aromavaporiser is perfect for use indoors. Not only does is work well as a vaporiser, but it also looks great so that it can blend into any interior.

Order quick and easy
Order the aroma vaporiser and the essential fragrances quickly and easily online via our webshop or visti us in the shop in Houthulst