Bath textile

Bath textile

Wide choice of bath linen

Stesha Wellness offers a wide selection of bath linen, such as flannels, hand towels and bath sheets. Always in matching colours, so that you always have the same colour of flannel, hand towel and bath sheet. Who wants can also combine in colour, there is plenty of choice. Visit our shop in Houthulst or order online.


Dyckhoff Planet bath textile

The soft Dyckhoff towels are made from 100% organic cotton. The Dyckhoff Plenet towels are not only long lasting, they also feel wonderfully soft. These towels absorb a lot of moisrure and everyone likes to dry off with them after a shower.

In short, Dyckhoff Planet towels are a must for your bathroom.

Available in different coulours, the Dyckhoff Planet flannels are also available in different colours.