Bouncy castle and trampoline

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Bouncy castle and trampoline

Fun with games inside and outside
Are you fed up with the rainy days in Belgium and do you dread the thought of your child constantly hanging around in the sofa with his iPad? With a bouncy castle or trampoline from Stesha Wellness, you don't need to fear this. The trampolines and bouncy castles can easily be used indoors. 
Our bouncy castles and trampolines are not seasonal toys. You can have fun with them all year round! 

Good for the body condition
When jumping in a bouncy castle or on a trampoline, the children's physical condition is stimulated, which is very good for the development of the body. In a playful way your child stays fit.
The bouncy castles and trampolines are easy to inflate and are made of durable material! Bouncy castles and trampolines for big and small children can be found at Stesha Wellness!