Cancel or Return

You can rest assured! 

Did you place the wrong order, Stesha Wellness will help you fast and easily when cancelling or returning so you can make a better choice.

You have changed your mind.

You don't have to worry.

As all online shops, you have the right to return your article. With Stesha Wellness, you can return your article within 14 days after delivery. We surely assume that you will be satisfied about your purchase so that returning is unnecessary.
We would like to help you when you want to return your article, just fill in the return document so that we have all the information and data in order to be of further service to you.
You can choose a transport firm by your own or you can choose to appeal to the Stesha Wellness return service.

Download here the RETURN FORM


All the articles that you return, have to reach us complete and undamaged in the original packaging if you would like a full repayment. Stesha Wellness can refuse or not paying back the article if the package of the product leads to value reduction.

All sending charges are laid down by law in charge of the customer. When you return your package, we strongly recommend you to do this by a registered letter, so if there are some troubles like, disappearance or damaging you still can get a refund by your chosen transport firm.

When your package gets to us, it will be checked of there isn't anything wrong. If the package reached us complete and undagamed. You will get a refund within 14 days. We hope that you can find another product on our website that will help you further.

Custom-made goods can't be returned, the products are not included to the right of withdrawal.

Our returning service

If you want, you can use our returning service of Stesha Wellness. When your product is ready to return, make sure you make a picture of your returning product. So, if there goed anything wrong with the returning of your package, you can use your photo to show how the product was originally send to us. As regard large transport, we appeal to Transmission Deinze, they come to your home to pick up your order. As soon as the order is picked up, the responsability of the product belongs to us. For packages smaller than 30 kg, we appeal to Bpost, after request for return, you receive a label that you stick to the box. You can give your product to the nearest office of Bpost. You will alwayse receive a quotation for the return with the shipping costs for approval.

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