Wide choice of bath linen
Stesha Wellness offers a wide selection of bath linen, such as flannels, hand towels and bath sheets. Always in matching colours, so that you always have the same colour of flannel, hand towel and bath sheet. Who wants can also combine in colour, there is plenty of choice. Visit our shop in Houthulst or order online.

Choose your favourite scent to wash yourself with
In our wide range of shower gels and shower creams, you are bound to find the right shower gel or cream for your skin. You are also sure to find your favourite fragrance with which to pamper your skin.
There is a choice between the known, trusted brands and the lesser-known brands, but certainly not less in quality.

Le Petit Marseillais
Le Petit Marseillais takes care of your skin with its mild formulas. Every shower gel, soap, body and skin care product contains the best natural ingredients from Provence and the surrounding area. The products of Le Petit Marseillais are also skin-neutral and dermatologically tested.
With the right products, your daily skin care becomes a pleasant ritual. The moisturising day cream Freshness of Roses by Le Petit Marseillais combines 24-hour hydration with light, refreshing and delicious fragrandce inspired by Red Roses. The formula gives your skin a radiant glow and leaves dry sensitive skin feeling soft.

The right shampoo for every type of hair
Shampoo cleanses the hair, removing dirt, grease and unpleasant odours that cannot be removed with water alone. THere is a right kind of shampoo for every type of hair and this should be taken into consideration when buying one. Dull, static or dry hair has different needs than curly or fine hair. By choosing the right shampoo for your hair, you provide the best care that your hair deserves.

Why use deodorant?
We all sweat. Our body sweat to regulate our body temperature. It's useful, but it can also be a real nuisance. Unpleasant sweat smells and sweat patches can appear, which we can certainly do without. Because of this, we use deodorants in large quantities, but how does a deodorant work?

How does a deodorant work?
Deodorants can make the smell of sweat less noticeable by changing the smell or by adding a stronger, more pleasant scent.

Online shop Stesha Wellness
Order easily and quickly your baby's favourite care products. Receive the products you ordered a few days later at your home, office or wherever you want. Do you prefer "real" shopping? That is possible! Feel free to drop by in our shop, Melanedreef 6D in Houthulst.