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Nothing is as soft as your baby's skin. And just like you, we want to keep it that way. That's why for almost 100 years now, Zwitsal has been making sure our baby care products fit the special properties of a baby's skin.
It is important that the products you use for sensitive baby skin are mild, safe and gentle. That's why Zwitsal dermatologically tests all its products and guarantees that their products are mild, hypoallergenic an pH-skin neutral.
Discover our range of Zwitsal products now, because only the best is good enough for your baby!

A newborn baby's skin is sensitive and permeable. Environmetal factors such as cold, UV-radiation int the summer and dry heating air in the winter are therefore a big burden. So always use mild and good baby care products from Nivea. A baby's thin skin reacts quickly to environmental pollutants and care product ingredients. That's why we have developed product lines specifically formulated for young skin. Nivea baby care products moisturise and provide extra protection. A mild, caring formula protects against allergic reactions, supports and stimulates the skin's natural recovery process and helps the skin to better retain moisture. Baby skin care products are tailored to these characteristics and therefore offer the best protection.

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