Body milk / body lotion

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Body milk / body lotion

Body milk for the shower
Save time by choosing a body milk for the shower.
First wash yourself as you usually do and when all the soap has been rinsed off, you can apply the body milk for the shower. Apply the body milk and rinse it off after a few seconds. Then dry yourself and you're done!
No need to apply body milk any more. 
There are many different kinds body milks available. Choose what you like to smell and take care of your skin! 

Why is body lotion or body milk good for your skin?
After showering or bathing your skin can be a bit dehydrated, by applying body lotion the skin will absorb the oils from it again. The body lotion restores the moisture balance of the skin. After shaving or sunbathing the skin can be a bit affected and here the body lotion has a soothing and calming effect on the skin.
Your skin has to endure all kinds of conditions such as the open air and changes in temperature, so be ure to use body milk to keep your skin supple.
Your olfactory senses are also stimulated by the wonderful fragrance that a body milk can contain. Because of the many types available, you can choose what you like smelling most or go for a neutral smelling bod milk. Plenty of choice!