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Beatiful and healthy hair
To look good, you often have to make an effort. Beautiful and healthy hair does not just happen by itself. Here, conditioner can do wonders!
We list the most important benefits of cream bath and when you should definitely use conditioner for you:

1. Be sure to use conditioner after every wash to avoid drying out your hair.
2. New hair consists of 10-12 protective layers in the beginning, but these become less as time goes by. This also makes the hair more fragile. By using conditioner, you maintain the protective layers, allowing your hair to grom longer and healthier.
3. In winter, there is less moisture in the air, which can dry out your hair. Conditioner prevents dryness.
4. Putting colour on your hair is nice and beautiful, but using a cream bath makes sure you give your hair the nutrition and hydration it needs.
5. Especially for curly hair, conditioner is their best friend! 
6. Conditioner prevents static charges on your chair, making your hair fall more beautifully.
7. When travelling, it's best to use a lot of cream bath. The sun, sea water, chlorinated water and aeroplane dry out your hair. By applying conditioner to your hair, you limit the harmful effects this has on your hair.
8. If your hair is prone to breakage and knots, conditioner can be your best friend! A cream bath in your hair helps to remove those annoying knots without causing much pain. 

Wide range online or in our shop
In the selection 'care', you will ofcourse find our conditioners. They are available from various brands such as our topper: Dalan d'Olive, which works on olive oil.
A good conditioner is essential for strong, healthy hair.
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