Axe deo

Axe deo

Why using deodorant? 
We all sweat. Our bodies sweat to regulate our body temperature. It's useful, but it can also be a real nuisance. Unpleasant sweat smells and sweat patches can appear, which we can certainly do without. Because of this, we use deodorants in large quantities, but how does deodorant work? 

How does a deodorant work? 
Deodorants can make the smell of sweat less noticable by altering the smell, as it were, or by putting a stronger, more pleasant scent over it. 

What is the best way to apply a deodorant? 
Apply a slightly thicker layer evenly, so that all the sweat glands actually comes into contact with the product. This is more difficult with a deo spray, so if you perspire a lot, use a deo stick or a deo roller. The thinner the product, the less effective it is. 

Practical at hand
To avoid smelling during the day, you can use deodorant. Axe deodorants are practical to hold and easy to take with you. With their small size, they easily fit into a gym bag, car or handbag. 

Axe, king of seduction
Axe fragrances are known for their irresistible seduction and that is exactly what they are. Whoever wears an Axe fragrance, can make any women look at him. Each scent gives an extra touch, the touch that makes each Axe fragrance so special. In our wide range there are many different fragrances available. Come discover them yourself in our shop or if you know the scents, you can buy them cheap on our online webshop. 

An unpleasant smell? Sppht sppht and go with with a fresh scent
There are different kinds of deodorants on the market. Sprays, sticks and rollers. So which deodorant is the best? You can have your own preference for deodorants so the choice is really a personal matter. Do you like to smell your deo in the room you're in? Then choose a spray. If you use a spray, you will smell it in the wholr room where you sprayed it. A spray is useful when you're on teh go and have been sweating a bit. Just spray it in the direction of your armpit and the smell overpowers any unpleasant smell of sweat. The deo doesn't come in contact with the skin where bacteria are. So this is an advantage of using a spray.