Sanitary napkin/tampon

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Sanitary napkin/tampon

Dearest sanitary pads, once a month you can be my friend
Unfortunately, as women, we have a fixed appointment in our diaries every month. Among our care products, you will find a wide selection of sanitary pads. Sanitary pads are always handy to have with you, you never know for yourself, or for a friend who can help you in need. These days, sanitary pads are packed so compactly that you can take them with you anywhere, unseen. Usually even in a colourful packaging, so that you can make your monthly appointment a little festive after all,wink. Because of the wide range, there are pads that absorb a lot of moisture and pads that absorb less moisture. So you can wear whatever you need at that moment. 
Do you prefer tampons to sanitary towels? At Stesha Wellness, we also have tampons from Tampax and O.B. in our range. Always the right protection at the right time.

Discreetly in the bin
To discreetly dispose of your sanitary napkins, you can use plastic or paper bags. Place the holder for sanitary napkins for plastic bags or paper bags on the wall and if necessary, use one to discreetly dispose of your used sanitary napkins. The plastic or paper also stops irritating odours.