Nivea shampoo

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Nivea shampoo

Just like your skin and teeth, clean your hair!
Cleaning your skin and brushing your teeth every day has become an automatic action. It's also important to clean your hair. At Stesha Wellness, we have a wide selection of different shampoos from various brands such as Dove, Nivea, Axe, Head & Shoulders, Dalan,.. . We have the ideal shampoo for every type of hair. View our wide range online or visit our store in Houthulst.

Shampoo: care for beautiful hair
A nourishing shampoo is the basis of good hair care. It gently removes dirt, moisturizes the hair and gives it a healthy shine. It's important to use a shampoo that is tailored to your hair type. That's why the Nivea range includes a wide variety of products. 

3 tips for beautiful hair
1. Before using a straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry. If you style your hair when it's still a llittle wet, it can cause the hair to split, making your hair rough. 
2. Are your bangs too long? Make an appointment at the hairdresser's or just drop by. This will take a few minutes at moest and you can be sure that your bangs are cut correctly and beautifully. After all, the fringe is one of the first things your fellow men sees. 
3. Don't wash your hair too much! Washing every two to three days is more than enough and it will prevent unnecessary damage and dried out ends.