Palmolive shampoo

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Palmolive shampoo

Take care of your hair with the right shampoo.
Whether you have normal hair, oily hair or long hair, wash your hair frequently,... Palmolive has the perfect shampoo for every type. The shampoo with Aloë Vera is best used for normal hair. Citrus fruits are suitable vor oily hair. For someone who frequently washes the hair, there is the shampoo with mint. People with long hair should use the shampoo with olives.

Clean your hair just like your skin and teeth! 
Cleaning the skin and brushing the teeth every day has bacome an automatic action. It's also important to clean your hair. At Stesha Wellness, we have a wide choice of different shampoos from various brands, such as: Dove, Nivea, Axe, Head & Shoulders, Dalan, etc. We have the ideal shampoo for every type of hair. View our wide range online or visit our shop in Houthulst.