Shaving foam

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Shaving foam

Take care of your skin
To shave easily, it is recommended to use shaving foam. Each type of skin requires a different shaving foam. Do you want the shaving foam to hydrate? Then choose the Nivea For men Hydratante. Or a shaving foam that feels wonderfully soft for your sensitive skin? Choose Nivea for Men Sensitive extra soft or Gillette shaving foam for sensitive skin.

100 years of Nivea
Over 100 years ago, Nivea invented mordern skin care. Today, millions of people around the world with different skin types trust the NIVEA brand. Researchers study in detail the individual characteristics of skin and the care it needs, depending on culture, gender and age. Because of Nivea's worldwide commitment to human skin, we are very proud to sell Nivea products. You will find a wide range of Nive skin care products.
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