Shaving gel

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Shaving gel

Shaving foam or gel? 
The difference between shaving foam and shaving gel is the protection your skin gets while shaving. The thickness and amount of hairs in a beard vary from guy to guy. So does sensitivity. 
Shaving foam provides a little less protection than shaving gel. A thin layer of shaving foam is applied to the skin and the quality of the ingredients is slightly lower than that of shaving gel. 
But ofcourse you have to choose what you prefer. Both shaving foam and gle are available for different skin types. 

Wonderfully refreshing
Shaving gel feels wonderfully refreshing. A dose of shaving gel on your face wakes you up refreshed. For people with a sensitive skin, using shaving gel can be a good idea. A small capful of shaving gel is enough for the face. Put a small capful of shaving gel on your fingers and rub it in rotations on your hairy face. Then shave and possible rub in some skin care cream and you're done!