Palmolive shower

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Palmolive shower

Palmolive's mission is to use the best that the nature has to offer for the enjoyment of your body and skin; natural ingredients, colours and fragrances. With just a little bit of nature in its products, Palmolive helps you to get back in touch with with your natural balance in this hectic daily life. Whether it's to deliver a wonderful fragrance, balance your body or hydrate it, Palmolive products do this by making use as their source. 

Online or in our shop at Houthulst
Choose your desired shower gel or shower cream simply and easily from home. Order your products online and have them delivered to your home a few days later, it's that simple with us, Stesha Wellness. If you do not know the fragrances yet or would you rather come to the shop for 'real' products, that's possible too! Drop by in our store without any obligation.