Ushuaïa shower

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Ushuaïa shower

A more beautiful, smoother and delicately scented skin
Discover and cultivate ancestral beauty rituals and well-being from all over the world and explore their secrets with Ushuaïa shower gels. The shower gels provide all the care that the skin needs. Ushuaïa shower gels ensure that the skin is more beautiful, smoother and subtly perfumed, time after time. The handy 250 ml packaging is the ideal size to put in your shower or bath while washing. There are different shower gels by Ushuaïa each with its own specific, delicious fragrance.

Ingredients of natural origin
Ushuaïa shower gels are made from natural ingredients. Ushuaïa research travels the world in search of ingredients that have developed an extraordinary ability to adapt to their environment. 

Wide choice of delightful fragrances
At Stesha Wellness, there is a wide choice of shower gels from various brands, including shower gels from Ushuaïa. If you do not know the scents, you can suprise yourself or if you do know them, you can choose your favourite shower gel. Would you rather come and smell the different soaps yourself? No problem, we look forward to see you in our local shop in Houthulst