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Some people prefer to use a bar of soap rather than a liquid shower gel or shower cream. That's why we, Stesha Wellness, sell the old-fashioned bar of soap. A bar of soap has many advantages: it's cheaper, takes up less space, is better for the environment....

A bar of soap is multifunctional; you can wash your hands, your body and your face with it. You can also use it as an air freshener. Put a bar of soap in your wardrobe or living room and the scent well quickly spread. All this with one bar of soap! 

At Stesha Wellness, we offer you the bars of soap from Dove.
The Dove bar of soap can justifiable be called a beauty bar. The caring soap contains a quarter moisturising cream that gives you a beautiful healthy skin that feels soft and glows all day long. Dove's beauty bar is dermatologically tested, which means it's also suitable for people with sensitive skin. After washing your hands with this soap, they are clean and fresh and smell delicious. Your skin will be as soft and smooth as silk. 

Online or in our collection point in Houthulst
Choose your desired shower gel or shower cream form home simply and easily. Order your products online and have them delivered to your home a few days later, it's that simple with us, Stesha Wellness.
If you don't know the fragrances yet or would rather come to our shop for 'real' products, that's possible too! Drop by our pick-up point without any obligation.