Cleansing milk / tonic

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Cleansing milk / tonic

Find the right cleansing milk and tonic at Stesha Wellness
At Stesha Wellness, we think it's important to use the right products for the skin. That is why we offer cleansing milk by Nivea to our clients. This refreshing cleanising milk by Nivea is suitable for a normal or mixed skin. The cleansing milk cleanses the skin thoroughly and remove make -up, even waterproof. After using this Nivea cleansing milk, it's advisable to apply a toner to the face. A toner will ensure that the last impurities and make-up residue will be removed. It helps maintain the skin's moisture balance.

Start and end your day clean
By using a cleansing milk in the evening, you clean your face properly and facilitate the recovery process that takes place at night. After cleaning, it's important to use a toner. This will remove remaining products from the face and close the pores.
But why cleanse in the morning if you have cleaned the night before?
While you sleep, a lot of sebum and waste products come to the surface of your face. So if you only wash your face with water and don't cleanse and apply day cream and make-up immediately, the skin can't absorb the rich substances contained in the cream. A waste of time then!

Stay naturally clean
By cleaning your face, you take care of your natural beauty. It helps to fight against pimples, blackheads and wrinkles. You let the skin breathe and recover overnight. Attention to cleaning the face is still far too little done. Make it a habit and spread the word!
Another inexpensive way to keep looking clean for years to come is to drink water!