Construction pools

Construction pools

Children and water fun = a good combination!

According to enquiries from various parents, (most) children are water rats. From the moment the sun shines a little and the temperature rise, the children are eager to take a dip in the pool. This makes a children's pool or a pool accessory a perfect gift! Also on a children's birthday party it's an item not to be missed!


Soft surface

Finding and maintaining balance is not always easy for a little one. Fortunately, some of the baby pools we sell have soft bottoms.


The pool bottoms are inflatable

This makes it very pleasant for your baby or toddler to spend time in the pool, he or she can lie softly and a possible fall into the water is not so hard.


Wide range of children's and baby pools

At Stesha Wellness, we have a wide range of swimming pools! There is a wide choice in every category. These include play centres, pools with a fountain, round pools, rectangular pools and snapset pools. You can find our wide range on our webshop or feel free to drop by at our pick-up point.