Dishwashing detergents

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Dishwashing detergents

Take care of your household goods
Your dishwasher is one of your best friends in the household. This good friend deserves the best dishwashing products. This is to clean as effectively as possible and to maintain your dishwasher properly. We think of rinse aid, rinse aid, dishwasher tablets, dishwasher powder,... You can find the products for the dishwasher online as well as in our shop in Houthulst.

Why use salt in the dishwasher?
To avoid a white film on your dishes, you need to use salt.
The water used in dishwashing contains chalk and magnesium. Chalk and magnesium cause the white film on the dishes. The water softener (which is in every dishwasher) removes that chalk and magnesium from the water. Salt helps the water softener to recover and ensures that the water softener does not become saturated over time. On the bottom of the dishwasher is the reservoir for adding salt, which you can easily identify by the large rotary knob.

Using rinse aid ensures that your glasses shine and your dishes are dry.
During the dishwashing cycle, the shining rinse agent is rinsed along the dishes with water.
The shining rinse agent:
- prevents dirt form sticking to plates, glassware and cutlery
- prevents drops from being left on your glasses
- makes sure the dishes dry faster