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Get the dosage right
The use of dispensers prevents excess in public toilets. The dispensers provide a small but sufficient dosage, thus creating a controlled dose for various applications such as soap and toilet paper. Dispensers are always easy to attach and simple to refill. With the use of dispensers your toilets will stay clean and hygienic for longer.

Hand hygiene after visiting the toilet
Hand hygiene after visiting the toilet is very important. Washing with soap and play is a must, but also drying the hands is important. For this purpose, we offer disposable hand towels, which can easily be used in a dispenser.

Order quick and easy
The dispensers are quick and easy to order online at our webshop, so you can receive them at home or at another address of your choice. Do you prefer ‘real’ shopping? That is possible in our shop in Houthulst. Don’t have much time for shopping? Then you can also order and pay for your articles at the webshop so that you only have to collect them from the shop. As soon as the items have been paid for, we will get them ready for you. We will send you an email confirming when you can come and collect your order.