Diving toys

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Diving balls 4 pieces

Four fun diving balls per set in different colours, choice of 2 motives, fun game to chase the divin..

€4.70 Ex Tax: €3.88

Diving bars with figures 4 pieces

With cool decorated figures dive bars with points to play a game with friends.Age range: 5+...

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.09

Diving six 4 bars

These diving stix are made of soft neoprene material for fun games in the pool.Set of 4 in different..

€5.10 Ex Tax: €4.21

Diving Streamers, balls with ribbon 3 pieces

Super cool to chase in the water are these dive streamers from Coop.Choice of 2 types, with stripes ..

€5.10 Ex Tax: €4.21

Diving toys

Fun for young and old!
Met het duikspeelgoed kan zowel jong als oud zich urenlang amuseren in het zwembad. Duik om ter eerst onder water opzoek naar de duik staafjes, zinkende ringen of zinkende duikballen. Door hun felle kleuren is het duikspeelgoed goed zichtbaar onder water en door hun extra gewicht zinkt het speelgoed naar de bodem. Een must have in de zomer om zwembadfeestjes extra leuk te maken!

Learn to dive like real dolphins
Diving toys are an extra incentive to get the children to dive. Give them a goal and they will be even more motivated to learn to dive. Because the diving toy is clearly visible, the children can dive behind it in a targeted way. Moreover, the diving toy is made in such a way that it's easy to grasp.