Dust pan and hand brushes

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Dust pan and hand brushes

Dirt cans and hand brushes
A dustpan and a hand brush is something you can find in every household. It is very easy to sweep up local dirt, such as sand, broken glass,... (dry dirt). They are less suitable for damp or wet dirt. Dirt cans are easy to have around and cheap to buy. For local dirt, we use a dustpan and brush more quickly than a hoover. It sometimes takes longer to take out the hoover than the time it takes to sweep up something with a dustpan and brush. 
with us you can get both the dustpan and the hand brush separately. Of course, we also have a set sith a dustpan and brush for when both need replacing.

Order quickly and easily
You can quickly and easily order dustpan an brush online at our webshop. They will then be delivered to your home or another address of your choice a few days later. Would you rather hold the hand brush and the duspan, to see if it fits well in your hand? come and visit us in ou shop in Houthulst.

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