Filter and pump

Filter and pump

The basis for your clean pool
The filter and pool pump are the basis for obtaining clean filtered water. 
To obtain and keep the water clear and clean it's important that the pool water is pumped through a (sand) filter.
If you would not filter the water, bacteria, algae and fungi get a chance to develop in the pool water and adding products to your pool water is not very useful.

Filter pump and sand filter in one unit
To filter your pool properly, you need a pump and (sand) filter.
The pump ensures that the pool water passes through the filter.
We, at Stesha Wellness, offer 2 sand filter pumps that are filter and pump in one, 2 in 1!
The Acis Filtration kit is a 2 in 1 model and the Intex sand filter is also a 2 in 1 model.

Filter pump and sand filter seperately
Suppose you already have a seperate filter pkump and sand filter, but the filter pump breaks down.
Then you can also buy a filter pump from us and vice versa, if you only need a sand filter, you can also find the sand filter with us. .
Both for the filter pumps and sand filters, there are various brands available such as Triton, Tagelus, Starline, PPG, Superflo, MCB, Ultraflow, …
For more information you can find the various pumps and filters on our site or you can always reach us by mail, or feel free to visit our shop in Houthulst.

How much flow rate should my filter or pump have?
To know how much flow rate your swimming pool filter and pump must have, there is a general rule: volume of the swimming pool in cubic metres (m³) divided by four.
So: number m³ : 4 = the necessary flow.  
E.g: 18 m³ : 4 = 4.5 m³/h for this you have to take a pump and/or filter that is at least as heavy, certainly not lower! It's always better to have some margin than to calculate with a small margin. 
You can be sure that the water is sufficiently filtered and the more the water is filtered, the better the quality of the pool water. 

Mono phase or tri phase?
With our filter pumps you can choose between mono phase or tri phase. You choose the connection for your filter pump depending on your home's supply (mono phase or tri phase). Click on one o four filter pumps to see more information on that particular filter pump.