Greywood Prism Frame Intex pool

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Greywood Prism Frame Intex pool

Intex Greywood Prism Frame

The Greywood Prism Frame pools have a very luxurious look and feel due to the wood look and anthracite colour, which will attract the necessary attention in your garden. The frame is supported by sturdy posts made from galvanised steel. This makes these greywood prism frame pools extra strong. In other words, a pool that the whole family will enjoy for years to come. 

Around the Intex Greywood Prism frame pool, an extra band is provided to ensure that the pool retains its shape, so that large dimensions can be built.

Please note that these pools may not be built into the ground as the pump is not self-priming. 

Each Greywood prism frame pool is very easy to set up and comes with a filter pump, ladder, ground cover and tarpaulin. 
The inlet and outlet connection of this pool is 38 mm.