Hair mousse

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Hair mousse

Hair mousse, the ideal styling product that does not weigh down
Hair mousse can be used by both men and women. Mousse is lighter than most hair gels and waxes, so your hair does not become heavier, sticky or hard. Especially if you have thin hair, you can do a lot with hair mousse. Apply the mousse to towel-dried hair and style your hair. Do not use too much hair mousse, as it can make your hair shiny and flat (if this is the intention, ofcourse it's not a problem).

For every hair type and styling purpose there is the perfect hair mousse
Nivea has a wide range of different hair mousses. So you can find the perfect mousse for every type of hair. Do you have those beautiful curls, is your hair in need of repair, do you want to add shine to your hair, extra volume,...? In our wide range you will certainly find what you're looking for! You can easily order your hair mousse online or visit us at our local store in Houthulst.