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Store your hairdryer neatly
You can always neatly roll up the cord of your hairdryer and put it back in the closet, but with a hairdryer that can be mounted on the wall, you don't have to do that anymore. Wall-mounted hairdryers are available to both private individuals and retailers. 

How to buy a good hairdryer?

With a good hairdryer you can style your hair quickly and effectively, but a good hairdryer must meet a number of requirements, which we have listed below. 

  1. Power

The amount of power determines the strength of your hairdryer. You can tell the power of the hairdryer by the amount of watts it has. The higher the power, the more powerful the hairdyer and the faster the hair will dry. 

  1. Heat settings

Drying your hair on a very hot setting is fine, but don't do it all the time! This is not really benificial for the hair. That's why a hair dryer with several settings is very good. That way you can 'play' with the settings in between. We also have hair dryers with a cold air setting. The cold air setting is more recommended for thinner hair as the cooler air setting does not damage the hair is quickly. Using the cold air setting keeps the hair better in shape. 

  1. Safety
    When drying, you're after all using electrical equipment. That's why it's important to consider safety. There are hair dryers with a safety switch and an extra isolated safety transformer.