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Use hairspray to shape your hair the way you want it
Hairspray can be used to keep your hair in the right shape. Also when you want to strengthen your curls, create volume or make your hair shine, you can use hairspray. For each purpose there is a separate hairspray from Nivea available. Order it easily online or visit our local shop in Houthulst. 

Use hairspray for multiple purposes
Probably every woman has hairspray in her bathroom, but you can use hairpsray for more things than just for your hair. 
If you don't have a fixing spray for your make-up, you can use hairspray for one time. 
Be extra careful to clean your face at night. 

Instead of eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows in shape, you can use hairspray. Spray some hairspray on your eyebrow brush and run it through your eyebrows. Very easy and your eyebrows will stay exactly the way you want them!

Oops, a hole or a ladder in your panty? Spray some hairspray on it and the ladder or hole will not get bigger

Have you created a beautiful piece of charcoal or been creative in some other ways? Spray some hairspray over it and make sure that the charcoal, paint, pastel crayons, stays better on the paper. Don't spray the hairspray too far, but keep it at a distance. If you want to dry flowers and make sure the leaves do not fall apart quickly, you can also use hairspray. 
To fix that annoying zip that keeps opening when you don't want it to, you can rely on hairpsray. Spray some hairspray on the zip and it will stay in place. It only opens when you want it to. 

Hairspray can be used to remove annoying hair or fluff from clothing or furniture
Spray some hairspray on a cloth and rub it over the clothing or furniture. This way, you can easily remove unwanted hair and fluff from clothing or furniture. Hairspray can also be used to remove stains, as an insect repellent, to counteract static clothing and as a dry shampoo. 
Hairspray can therefore be very useful in many cases.