Haman accessories

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Haman accessories

How warm is it and what is the humidity? 
If you want to enjoy the hammam properly, it's very useful to know how many degrees it is in the hammam and what the humidity is. To find out, we have a thermometer and hygrometer in one. By having a thermometer and hygrometer in one, you can immediately see what the temperature and humidity are. The hygrometer/thermometer is, ofcourse, made of stainless steel, so it will stay beautiful when hanging in the hamam. 

Rest your head ergonomically
In order to fully relax, it's important that your head is also able to rest properly. It's important that your head can rest ergonomically in the steam room. You can do this by using a halu headrest. The flexible headrest contains four support points which is fully adapt to the head. For extra hygiene on the Hammam pillow, there is a textile cover. The textile cover for the halu pillow is easily removable and washable. 

Hygiene in the hammam
The hammam is a great place to relax, but the heat also makes you sweat. That's why we, Stesha Wellness, also provide attributes that promote good hygiene ini the hammam. For example, the seating mat for the sauna and steam bath is very handy. The mat protects the wood when sitting down. The mat can be used in the sauna, infra-red cabin, steam bath or hammam. 

Spread delicious aromas in the hammam
 A relaxing aroma makes enjoying the steam bath even better. Choose your favourite aroma or herb and spread the delicious fragrance via a fragrance diffuser, hammam dish or herb dish.