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Haman cabins

Is it hammam, Turkish bath or steam cabin? 
The names hammam, Turkish bath and steam cabin are often used interchangeably, but actually they mean the same. In a steam cabin, as the word itself says, there is a lot of steam. A steam bath does wonders for the body after 10 minutes. 

The operation of a hammam
In the hamam or Turkish bath steam is created? The steam is created by help of a steam generator. 
The steam cabin is completely filled with very humid warm air. To enjoy the hamam even more, you can add an aroma. 
Because it's very humid in the hammam, you don't need to bring a towel inside. It's best to enter the steam room naked or with as less clothes as possible. Before sitting or lying down in the hammam, it's advisable to rinse the seat with water and use a squeegee to remove te water. 
Afterwards, it's best to take a cold to lukewarm shower and it is very important that you let your body rest (min. 15 min). 

Why use a hammam? 
There are numerous advantages of using a hammam. We, at Stesha Wellness, have selected the most important benefits for you. 

  • The pores are deeply cleaned and the skin feels softener afterwards
  • The heat makes you sweat, which removes waste products from your body
  • The warmth of the hammam has a positive effect on the joints, muscles and blood circulation
  • The moist air has a healing effect on the mucous membranes. This makes it beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory infections or asthma to visit the infrared cabin regularly
  • The hammam or steam bath is not as hot as the sauna. But the humid air means there are many adventages

A hammam at your home? 
Yes, it's possible! You can enjoy your own hammam or steam bath at home. It's possible to install a hammam yourself, but it does require some prior knowledge. 
If a a few points are missing, the consequences can be serious. These consequences range from moisture problems to mould. 
You can choose a hammam from us, and with our years of experience, our crafstmen offer the best wellness service. 

Order online
You can order a hammam or Turkish bath from us online. 
You may always contact us for further information about the desired steam bath via info@stesha-wellness.com or 051/70.22.93