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Haman cabins

Is it Haman, hammam, Turkish bath or steam room?
The names hammam, Turkish bath and steam room are often used interchangeably, but actually they mean the same thing. In a steam cabin, as the word itself says, there is a lot of steam. A steam bath does wonders for the body and mind after just ten minutes.

The operation of a hammam
In the hammam or Turkish bath, steam is created. The steam is created by means of a steam generator.
The steam cabin is completely filled with very humid warm air. To enjoy the hamam even more, you can add an aroma.
Because it is very humid in the hammam, you do not need to bring a towel inside. It is best to enter the steam room naked or with as few clothes as possible. Before sitting or lying down in the hammam, it is advisable to rinse the seat with water and use a squeegee to remove the water.
Afterwards, it is best to take a cold to lukewarm shower and it is very important that you let your body rest (min. 15 minutes).

Why use a hammam? 
There are numerous advantages to using a hammam. We, at Stesha Wellness, have selected the most important benefits for you.

  • The pores are deeply cleansed and the skin feels softer afterwards
  • The heat makes you sweat, which removes waste products from your body
  • The warmth of the hammam has a positive effect on the joints, muscles and blood circulation
  • The moist air has a healing effect on the mucous membranes. This makes it beneficial for people who suffer from respiratory infections or asthma to visit the infra-red cabin regularly.
  • The hammam or steam bath is not as hot as the sauna. But the humid air means there are plenty of benefits.

A hammam in your home?
Yes, it is possible! You can enjoy your own hammam or steam bath at home. It is possible to install a hammam yourself, but you do need to have some prior knowledge of how to do it.
If a few important points are not taken into account, the consequences can be serious. These consequences range from moisture problems to mould.
You can choose a haman from us and through our years of experience, our craftsmen offer the best wellness service.

At Stesha Wellness, we have several steam baths in our range:

  • Haman Chaleur: In the Chaleur range we offer the classic steam cabin. This has walls of 60mm thick hard foam which are ideal for a steam bath. The benches in the steam room have an ergonomic shape that invites to a cosy steam bath. The cieling is designed to prevent condensation of water droplets. LED spotlights have been integrated in the ceiling and LED RGB strips under the benches.
  • Haman Chaleur de Luxe: The Haman the Luxe is the jewel in the crown of the steam bath range. It is a steam bath that combines ancient tradition with chic design. The cabin owes its rustic look to the walls that are covered with natural stone. The benches are tiled with mosaic and finished with LED RGB strips at the bottom and the curved ceiling is covered with decorative epoxy. The boundary between the living and wellness area is blurred by the glass front wall. THis steam cabin fits perfectly into any home. Enjoy the atmosphere of a thousand and one nights under the LED lighting in the ceiling.
  • Haman Alladin's Dream: This haman is really beautiful with its many curves. The finishing inside is also beautiful. The walls are made of 60mm thick hard foam finished with Ezarri mosaic tiles. The bench is also made of hard foam finished with Ezarri mosaic tiles and includes electric heating. Furthermore, you will find two pedestals in this haman for bowls of hot and cold water. Enjoy this haman to the full through the pleasant lighting provided by the LED spotlights in the ceiling.
  • Haman Vulcano: This haman is simply magnificent. With its walls of natural marble on the bottom and decorative laminate panels on top, this haman gives you a warm and peaceful feeling. The decorative laminate panels even remind you of a lava flow. The name is well chosen. The cross-vaulted ceiling is finished in Venetian plaster. The two floating benches are reinforced and made of hard foam. Under the benches and behind the laminate panels, RGB LED strips provide pleasant lighting.
  • Eclipse haman: Without a doubt, the cylindrical Eclipse is the most enchanting outdoor cabin. The round shape fits perfectly on a terrace, in the garden or even at a mountain lodge. The Eclips is built around a metal structure that is fully insulated. The outside is standard covered with EPDM and finished with heather mats. The ergonomically formed benches are, just like the floor,, finished with Ezarri mosaic tiles. The glass front integrates the garden into the haman, giving a very spacious feeling. The pleasant lighting is provided by the LED RGB strips under the bench and 5 spotlights.

The perfect haman for everyone.

Order online

You can order a haman or Turkish bath online from the comfort of your own home. Or you can visit our shop in Houthulst
You may always contact us for further information about the desired steam bath at info@stesha-wellness.com or +32 51 70 22 93. We will be pleased to help you.