Haman towels

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Haman towels

What is a hammam towel?
A hammam towel can be used for any number of purposes. We would like to liste the most common used ones for you. The hammam towel has its origin in Turkey. Especially in hammams, sauna and wellness centres are hammam towels used as wraps and/or drying cloths. 

Because the hammam towels are mode of 100% cotton, they can also be used as bath towels. The hammam towels absorb a lot of moisture. They can also be used as beach towels, hand towels, fitness, yoga, massage or during a spa session. The hammam towel is thin, lightweight, supple and dries quickly. Hammam towels are also very suitable to use for your baby. The hammam towel is an ideal maternity gift, because the cotton always allow you to dry and wrap your baby.