Finnsa 1 liter

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Finnsa 1 liter

Wide choice
In our assortment, you will find a very wide choice of Finnsa Steam Milk. The different fragrances are always available in a 1 litre bottle. THis is a smaller quantity, so that it is easier to alternate between fragrances without too much surplus. All these types of steam milk are water-soluble and alcohol-free. Finnsa's steam milk is made entirely with natural essential oils. Each scent has its own effect on the body in th Haman. For example, the scent of lemon and orange will have a stimulating, invigorating and cooling effect while the scent of chamomile and juniper will have a calming, relaxing invigorating and harmonising effect. 

Order quick and easy
These Finnsa steam milk fragrances can all be ordered quickly and easily online at our webshop, or you can always drop by in our shop in Houthulst.