Haman soap

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Haman soap

Not to be missed in the hammam
Experience the ultimate hammam feeling with the hammam soaps. The special hammam soaps in our range are an important part of the hammam. The soaps are made from  high quality olive oil and develop a nourishing layer of foam on your skin, which feels very pleasant. 

Great for sensitive, dry skin
Because the soaps are enriched with a high content of Vitamin E, they have a restorative and smoothing effect on the skin. Because the soap does not contain any artificial addictives and has a high oil content, it's also suitable for the care of delicate baby skin and for sensitive, dry skins. Be careful, the soap stings in the eyes. 

Gift idea! 
Giving and receiving a good quality hammam soap is always nice. The soap has a positive boost for your skin. The hammam soap is online available and also from our collection point in Houthulst.