Heating for pools

Heating for pools

No more shivering in the pool!

Extend the pool season with a heat pump. Nothing is more fun than swimming and romping around in a heated pool. 

Wide range

At Stesha Wellness, you can choose from a wide range of heat pumps, for both built-in and above-ground pools.
It's important to choose a heat pump that can heat your pool sufficiently, never take less kW than recommended. 
Intex, Hotsplash, Sunspring, Inverter, Bowman,... These names may sound familiar to you, that's why we choose durable and high quality heat pumps, so you can enjoy your heat pump for years!

Do you have more questions, information or do you want to know which heat pump suits your pool best? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 051/70.22.93. or e-mail: info@stesha-wellness.com . Would you rather come and see our wide range of heat pumps? Come along to our shop in Houthulst, we will help you to find the perfect heat pump for your pool, we always try to have enough stock, so you can (if in stock) take your heat pump home immediately. 

A customised summer cover

A summer cover has its advantages, not only does it keep fluff, bugs or debris out of the pool, but by covering the pool with a summer cover, the pool water will heat up faster. The air in the studs is heated by the sun during the day. These warm studs keep the heat in the pool and at night the loss of heat is limited. So always cover the pool when you're not using it. A summer cover will not be sufficient to heat the pool water, it serves as a tool to limit the energy consumption of the pool and to keep all the dirt out of the pool. 

Would you like a quotation for a customised summer cover? Send an email with the desired model and size to info@stesha-wellness.com.