Himalaya salt

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Himalaya salt

Use of Himalayan salt in the sauna
Himalayan salt looks very nice in the sauna and the heat in the sauna mekes the salt work.
It is best to place the Himalayan solt stones in a hanging dich in the sauna.
When they are poured into the sauna, the hot water vapour passes over the himalayan salt stones and the vapour abdorbs the himalayan salt cryctals, which are then absorbed by the skin and te rispriatory system of de sauna visitor
Himalayan salt is infiltered and full of gooed minerals. Because it comes from a pure source, it is also free of all toxic substances. Moreover, the pink salt has been proven to stimulate the metabolism and purify the body.

Using Himalayan salt can have many benefits:

  • moisturise dry skin. Other skin conditions will also experience a beneficial effect through the Himalayan salt
  • a detox cur for your lungs. The salt has e beneficial effect on the lungs when the crystals are inhaled. It can recuce pain an burdun on the lungs.
  • A relaxed feeling. Ideal for a good night's sleep or for people who have  had enough of the daily stress.
  •  stimulating the energy flow
  • Supporting a healthy vascular system
  • preventing muscle cramps
  • it can have a strengtening effect on you bondes
  • it ensures a more normal blood pressure. 
  • Soothes aching muscles

Himalayan salt is truly a piece of nature's gold. THis salt is mined in Pakistan. After mining it is washed in water that is full of salt minerals. This is because the Himalayan solt stones would not lose their minerals

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