Himalaya salt

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Himalaya salt

Use of Himalaya salt in the sauna
Himalaya salt looks very nice in the sauna and the heat in the sauna makes the salt work. It's best to place the himalaya salt stones in a hanging dish in the sauna. When they are poured into the sauna, the hot water vapour passes over the himalaya salt stones and the vapour absorbs the himalaya salt crystals, which are then absorbed by the skin and the respiratory system of the sauna visitor. 

Benefits of himalaya salt in the sauna
- Relaxes the muscles
- Promotes a positive mental attitude
- Helps to relieve anxiety, depression and melancholy
- Has a vitalising effect 
- The colour of the stones has a salmon-pink hue, this colour promotes calmness and tranquillity, makes us receptive to the moods of others and clarifies our reasoning. 

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