Spider brush

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Spider brush

Yikes, a cobweb over my head!
Spiders are often present in the house, one time of the year more than another, but spiders love to make cobwebs in the house. THey often make cobwebs in the corners of a room and these are often difficult to remove for humans, but with a spider brush you can get to the most difficult places. There is a choice of different rage-bulbs or cobweb brushes.

First remove the coarse dirt and cobwebs
With a brush you can first remove the coarse dirt and cobwebs before vacuuming and/or mopping. These different brushes on the market depending on et purpose they are used fror, such as washing up, sweeping, removing dust, sanding, removing cobwebs, etc. In our wide range of products, you are sure to find the perfect brush for every use.

Online or in our shop in Houthulst
Choose your desired brush easily and conveniently from your couch or garden. Order the desired items online and have them delivered to your home a few days later, it's that simple with us, Stesha Wellness
If you would like to see, feer or shop the brushes for real, that's possibel too! come and visit us in our shop.