Candles / hot plates

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Candles / hot plates

Make it cozy
In life, you have to enjoy the little things. Like making the house cozy. What could be more cozy than sitting on the couch one evening with candles burning in the living room? Candles create a cozy atmosphere anywhere, anytime.

Create mystery in the candlelight
Tea lights are an essential element in any cozy living room. Because of their simplicity, they quickly create a cosy and warm atmosphere in the living room.
Do you prefer some mysterious play between the light of a tea light and dancing shadows?
Then our mystic soapstone holder for tea lights is what you are looking for.
The soapstone holder can perfectly withstand the heat of the flame. By waving the tealight flame, the shadows seem to be dancing shadows. This can provide just that little bit of mystery.

Large selection online and in our shop
Stesha Wellness was originally founded as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we decided to add a shop , so that customers can come and shop in Houthulst.
If you don’t have much time to come and shop, but you do want to collect the products yourself, that’s no problem! You can order a product through the webshop and pay for it already. We will make it ready for you and send you a confirmation mail when the desired items are ready.