All-purpose cleaner

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All-purpose cleaner

Need to do it quickly? Use the all-purpose cleaner!
For a quick dusting or mopping you can use our all-purpose cleaners. We offer all-purpose cleaners that can be diluted in a bucket of water or that are simply ready-to-use in a spray. With the all-purpose cleaners, you can choose from different scents and brands. In our range you can find all-purpose cleaners from Ajax, Dettol, Mr. Proper, Euro Clean, ZMK, Magic,... All these brands can be found in our shop at a very favourable price.

Wide range online and in our shop
Stesha Wellness was originally founded as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we decided to add a shop to our range, so that the client can come and do the actual shopping.
If you do not have much time to come and shop, but would still like to collect the products yourself, then this is no problem! Through the webshop you can order a product and pay for it already, we will put it ready for you and send you a confirmation email.