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Don't let chalk destroy your appliances
Your appliances that you rely on so much, like, home appliances, water softener and dishwasher need the service they deserve. Chalk will affect these confidential appliances. So it's very important to properly descale your appliances. You can find products to do this online or in our store in Houthulst. 


Avoid chalk in the water
Chalk can seriously affect your daily used appliances. You can remove chalk, but you can also avoid the problem. 
You can do this by installing a descaler, for this you can rely on our partner company BVBA Prinzie Stefaan. In addition to a descaler, we recommend demineralized water, which we also offer online or in our store. 


Wide range online and in our store
About ten years ago, Stesha Wellness was founded as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we decided to add a shop to it, so that the customer can also come and do their 'real' shopping. Therefore, from now on, it's possible to come and shop both online and at our pick-up point in Houthulst. If you don't have much time to come and shop, but you still want to pick up the products yourself, this is no problem! Through the webshop you can order a product and already pay for it, we will put it ready for you and send you a confirmation mail when the desired items are ready for you.