Kitchen cleaner

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Kitchen cleaner

Make cooking a celebration
After a long, busy working day, many people find it difficult to serve a good meal.
Cooking in a clean, tidy kitchen has a highly motivating effect, however, and you will be able to provide a delicious meal again. So always make sure the kitchen is clean again after cooking and cooking will be a party time and time again.
To clean your kitchen quickly, properly and effectively, you can use the kitchen cleaning products from Stesha Wellness.

Ready-to-use spray bottles, cream product or high-pressure equipment
With the kitchen cleaners, you can choose from different products, depending on what needs to be cleaned and how dirty the surface is.
If it has to be done quickly, you can rely on the cleaning products in spray form. There are spray bottles of these, among others, from the Eres and Mr. Propre brands.
In case of stubborn dirt and scrubbing work, a cleaning product in cream form is a good solution, for which we offer products such as Eres and Actiff Cif. Cleaning products for use in high-pressure equipment can also be found at Stesha Wellness.

Wide range online and in our shop
Stesha Wellness was originally set up as an online shop. Due to the positive growth of the company, we have decided to add a shop to it, so that clients can come and do their 'real' shopping in Houthulst.
If you do not have much time to come and shop, but you do want to collect the products yourself, that is no problem! Through the webshop, you can order a product and pay for it already. We will make it ready for you and send you a confirmation mail when the desired items are ready for you.